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Correspondence regarding Rules and Regulation
Translated? 2/15/03
Category standing type until volume 1970
Motor, transmission, wheels and if necessary that the drive axis originals must be.  The regulator and the exhaust may be manipulated.  
The drawer bridge must mind.  2.7m long its. without Deichsel and 1-1.5m extend, larger are supposed count. littler than a category sport.  Modern Austauschmotorisierung counts as a category standing type after volume  1970.  
That use is prohibited of chains and nails.  It must with follower + drawer bridge gone become.  

Category standing type after volume 1970
See category standing type until 1970 except that the too little followers count as a prototype.  

Category sport until volume 1970
Motor and transmission must be original (rapid exchange motor is not allowed).  The maximal width of the train vehicle is 1.3m.  
Air filter.  Regulator, exhaust, carburetor and regulator may be manipulated.  
The follower may be wide maximum 1.6m and must behind the seat, to the protection from back injuries on a half meter height.  Have 0.5m overhang.  The Antriebsräder may have no longer as 80cm diameter (with Pneu).  Neither front axle nor rear axle may be cushioned.  

That use is prohibited of chains and nails.  
A stable support must have the seat.  
Helmet and abstract line Austauschmotorisierte and younger are count obligatorily than a prototype!  

Category prototype

Front axle and transmission block must be of an Einachser.  
Fremdmotorisierung permitted resilience is prohibited (except saddle).  The wheel diameter (with Pneu) may amount to maximally 80cm.  The maximal width of the train vehicle is 1.3m.  The follower may be wide maximal 1.6m and must behind the seat. to the protection from back injuries on a half meter height.  Have 0.5m overhang.  
That use is prohibited of chains and nails.  
A stable support must have the seat.  
Helmet and abstract line are obligatory

Category characteristic building

The vehicle must control a kink control_ and should look like an Einachser.  
That use is prohibited of chains and nails.  
A stable support must have the seat.  
Helmet and abstract line are obligatory

Applies to all categories

As far as rope winds, iron wheels, weight additional load or other accessories used becomes, this accessories in each discipline and in each course must be mounted.  

  1.  Evaluation in Rennabbruch

If in Rennabbruch more than the half of the stretch gone became is appraised. the racing (the last goal conduit before Rennabbruch!)  In less than the half, a new start results

  2.  Category standing type

All racing with the same vehicle are gone.  Vehicles may not be changed resulted therefore otherwise the Disqualifikation.  

  3.  Minor

The written registering as well as the entering before place of minor results Exclusively through the signature of the legal representative and is looked at only so as valid.  Otherwise the start is not allowed!  


It is started consistently after Reglement. without exception!  

  5.  Liability

The accident insurance is thing of the participant.  The organizer rejects each Hafttrog.  

  6.  End reasons of the optimal Rennabwicklung is limited the participant number.  As far as that

Participants exceeded will decide the sequence of the registration ware gear.  

  7.  Allfällige changes of the existing Reglements remain reserve the organizer.

Our races are always different, meaning that, whoever organizes it comes up with the rules, race course and prizes. Since we always had problems with acromatic rules, we now have for each race written rules, that state some important articles.
Inspite of all the fun, we cannot neglect the safety of drivers / participants and spectators. The Einachser should come to a standstill in case of an accident or if a driver looses control. This is accomplished through an emergency-shutoff with a string string. Also age limits (minimum age participant) should be stated.
Race Course
There are all kinds of variations in the course at the different races. It all depends on the possibilities at the site, and what areas can be used. In Germany we hold races on meadows, old outdoor sportarenas and harvested fields. To make the race more interesting and challenging oftentimes obstacles and ability-tests are added. Your phantasie is the limit (mud puddles, watercrossings, slalom courses, mounds, throughing games w/ balls etc.). The pointing system for those games should be figured out and stated before the race. Meaning, how many penalty points or seconds one gets for unaccomplished obstacles or games.
Vehicle Categories
As I saw on the internet, there are different options for stronger engines on your David Bradley tractors, or to tune up the original engines. You can either prohibit those engines or you can offer different vehicle categories per race, to avoid arguments / fights from the get go.
The categories could be as follows:
-vehicles w/ original engines
-vehicles w/ tuned original engines
-vehicles w/ not original engines
Of course each Einachser race is a big event for participants and spectators alike. More often than not it is accompanied by an exhibition of old farm equipment (tractors & Einachser). So it is exactly has you imagined it, two days of driving and partying with beer and bratwurst.
I would love to know what kind of tractors and Einachsers there are in the US !

It is pretty that your over the large lake also joy in unusual things
Obviously may use your our rules. You can send me then yes a couple
of photo of you as a return service. I publish weave also gladly
something of you in mine.
The open answer ask I gladly.
The length of the stretch is is according to that like large the
Renngelände. We go curve incorporated a round course with various.
The start is therefore simultaneous the goal.
The long of that would stick is ca. 500 meters long with 7-8
curves. The wide of the track is ca. 5 meters of extend, so that
one an Einachser overtake can.
In the standing type sport category three vehicles are started
In prototype and characteristic building category only a vehicle is
started. That is because of the security because these Einachser go
until 100 h km.

A good type: wide axes and short wheel state to the rear advantage

Beer and women gives race's naturally also, but always only after

It greets out of Switzerland"
Iwan Meier (Tschedi Jun. )