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Racing Report


Raw end motors on an axis
Impressionen of that

3Rd Einachser blows in Pfaffnau

Nostalgic machines and umgebaute Rennboliden: on the Pfaffnauer Bürschhubel, the motors roared on Saturday.  Already for the third time, Pfaffnau organized the defense societies an Einachsertreffen.  


Motors howl up.  Saturday.  10 o'clock.  Starting shot.  The flag becomes geschwenkt.  Three drivers and a driver give gas.  At the start, Einachser are, model until 1970. With approximately 20 hours kilometers, they proceed itself on the race track.  In the curves is fought for seconds.  The Einachsertreffen on the Pfaffnauer Brüschhubel is opened for the third time in its story.  

Einachsige Rennboliden «sign characteristic building» graduate little later the Parcours.  Up to 145 HP stick under the hood, possible maximum speed over 100 hours kilometers.  The original grass mowers and all-purpose vehicles became regular Rennmaschinen umgebaut.  «Until now all racing passed accident free», holds OK member Pius freely of the defense society Pfaffnau firmly.  The former breadth pro Patrick Blum stuck also this year the Parcours from.  Its winding stuck leadership provides for appropriate speed on the uneven underground.  Appealed becomes however above all at the reason of the drivers.  «In to dangerous style of driving a pilot can be disqualified», reports free.  The joke stands however in the foreground.  Sanctions were previously never necessary.  

14-more year-old with uncle Einachser underway.  The Pfaffnauer Matthias Scheidegger belongs to the latest drivers.  Although it possesses a characteristic Einachser, it takes part with the rapid Special of its uncle at the racing.  «The Gefährt with model 1955 simply more HP has under the hood than my», explains Matthias.  It takes part for the first time at the racing.  No white before the premiere?  «No.  I am a practiced driver», am its short answer.  During other in its age with the Töffli around curve, it goes with the Einachser on the track and leads littler Materialtransporte through.  

A driver and 80 drivers were at the start.  A new record.  «The Einachserrennen delight self-increasing popularity», reported OK member Vinzenz Kreienbühl.  The sale of its Einachsers was the Initialzündung to this occasion in Pfaffnau.  The buyer told it of such racing.  An appearance at the Einachsertreffen in new home sufficed.  In the defense society not only will be shot organized since then, but rather also racing.  

The Pfaffnauer Matthias Scheidegger was one of the latest participants.  The 14-year-old went a Gefährt with volume  1955.  Photo Stefan Bossart