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History and Background

Having grown up in Southern California and the Central  Valley, our relocation to Northeast Wisconsin 5 years ago
was horticulturally shocking, especially the reduction from a 300+ day growing season to 150.

In this land of cold winds and deep snows, I found that while I am not completely incompatable with winter,
I can not remain as dormant as the plants outside.

After years of wishing and planning, our greenhouse has become a reality, my point where high and low technology intersect,
where formal scientific research has applications to low technology living.

Our vegetable garden on our 2 acre dairy farm homestead  is larger than our entire yards have been,
so the plan is to grow garden transplants for an early start, and extend the season in the fall.
While I've researched and followed sound engineering and design principles in constructing  my Solar greenhouse,  each one is unique.
What follows is documentation of my  learning curve.  

"History shows again and again how nature proves the folly of men"  
Blue Oyster Cult