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Greenhouse is 8 ft deep x 22 ft long attached to  the South wall of  unattached garage.
Rear height is 8 ft and glazed kneewall is 2 ft. South glazing is 10 x 22 with a 37 degree slope.
Footings are old 12x12 barn beams, staked and partially buried in gravely soil.
Framing is green treated 2x4 nailed with galvanized nails on 2 ft centers.
Outer skin is 30 mil nylon/dacron? Fabric, water proof but not vapor proof.
Inner vapor barrier is seamless 4 mil polyethelene attached with lath.
West wall and East wall/door are insulated with R-7.2 foil faced iso-board.
Thermal mass is 400 gallons of water in 55 gallon red drums on rear wall.
A Thermostat controlled 500 CFM circulation fan is in a ceiling to floor duct.

This photo facing east includes several inches of fresh snow on parts of the roof
The 2 ft x 16 ft growing bench contains 500 watts of  soil heating cables.
Flats are placed on 1" sand for even heating. photo 1/19/02
The circulating fan is controlled by temp/humidity switch
also shown min/max indoor/outdoor thermometer and data logger in styro cup