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Hauling Carts
A properly designed hauling cart can increase the utility of a two wheel tractor and allow the user to ride along. A special hitch is not needed if the cart is supported at the rear transmission eye and the saddle bar. An eye bolt on the wagon tongue works well, or a short loop of chain.

4 wheel cart from a 3'x6'x18" galvanized electrical cabinet.
Front axle on lazy susan bearing turns on a dime.

917.57597 with two wheel cart made from pallet, great for oversize loads
add a container for loose stuff
Two wheeled cart made from an 36x36x12  heavy metal box and 2" pipe.
close up of hitch eye bolt on 917.575100
15" wheels carry a heavy cart easily and do not mire down in soft spots.

58598 S#21902  with riding sulky and snowplow
close up of chain hitch that works great with front mount attachments

front wheelbarrow cart (pic soon)

55 gal drum manure train (pic soon)