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Farm & Homestead
3KW 120/240V generator
Requires 5+ HP for full output 30 Amps
This is a chinese 4 pole generator (1800 RPM), heavy duty built in the tradition of
DB tractors. It is used thruout the 3rd world to provide power to small villages
3000 PSI 2 GPM pressure washer
The pump is a new take off, bracket built from angle and
drive spindle and fittings off the shelf parts from tractor supply.

leveling drag for gravel drives
6 foot 4"x2" steel channel with chains welded to ends

water pump 60 psi, 60 GPM 1`-1/2 inlet, I used it to pump flooded barn
when the power was out, might work to drain the pond or water the grass

air compressor

cement mixer

post hole digger

cable winch

battery charger

barn ventilator